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Trek in Nepal is one of the achievement in a life. Trek in Nepal quest is Nepal’s main attraction among all the visitors. The trek in Nepal is the best way of visiting the country, understanding its people their tradition and culture.  Walking and hiking through bright green fields, forests, crossing rivers and streams, camping out on a hilltop in the wilderness with gigantic mountains, make trek in Nepal a memorable occurrence. The remote areas trekking is mostly wide range between all the trekkers visiting for Trek Nepal.

The areas like Kathmandu , Lalitpur , Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Lumbini  have their own historical  values so the travelers are attracted to know the history and their cultures and traditions. Trek Nepal is rich in culture and tradition as well as the great mountain ranges has its unique identity. The great mountain Mount Everest which is 8848m lies in Solukhombu district in Nepal. Mostly those who have enthusiasm in trekking in Nepal to climb the tallest peak of the world that is Mount Everest.

Trekking to Everest at the top of the peak is most daring task, but the trekkers have opportunity to climb up to the base camp of Mount Everest which is also above 5000 meters. Gokyo Lake is another popular destination for trek Nepal which is in Everest region. Mostly two types of trekking are done in Nepal and that is tea house /lodge trekking and another is camping trekking. Trekking in Nepal is the most challenging path and in the context of Nepal trek it is daring, joyful as well as adventurous trip.

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